Assistance With Social & Community Participation

Social and recreational activities are part of everyday life. These are activities everybody does for fun and can help with your health and well-being. They can also help you to meet new people and improve your skills. When we talk about support for social and recreational activities funded under the NDIS, we mean the extra help you need to take part in these activities because of your disability.

Social and recreation activities can include things like:

  • Visiting your friends and family
  • Active hobbies, such as bike riding, skiing or kayaking
  • Playing sport, such as tennis, surfing or basketball
  • Going out, for instance to the movies or a concert
  • Going places for fun, such as shopping or visiting a museum
  • Relaxing, like meditation or yoga
  • Learning new skills, like dance, art classes or quilting.

You will need to pay for the costs of the activity that everyone would pay for such as membership or entrance costs. We may then be able to fund the support you need to take part in the activity because of your disability.

You may need short-term support to help you get started with your social and recreational activities. This short-term support may build your skills so you can participate independently. Or, it could connect you with someone else who can regularly help you to participate. You might also need ongoing support to participating in social and recreational activities. If you need ongoing support we may fund this as well.

You may already have funding in the core budget in your plan. You can use this for the help you need to participate in social and recreational activities because of your disability. Check with us if you aren’t sure how to use the funding in your plan for social and recreational supports

To access this service, please contact us online or call us on 0404 046 919 to enquire.