Assistive Products for Household Tasks

Our assistive solution revolves around making life simple for individuals and their well-being, here we provide assistive products for household tasks which aids in boosting confidence to do work without or with assistance and delivers a real feel of independence.

Assistive products for the household tasks support individual with disability to effectuate usual household activities like cleaning, cooking, washing, home maintenance etc. at ease without or with assistance. Our objective is to improvise a person’s ability of functioning independently also motivating their well-being.

We look forward to empower individuals living with a disability and with the usages of assistive products for household tasks that the person will be able to live a dignified life, productive, participate in civic life and healthy. Any assistive technology tools are designed to support a disabled individual’s capability to chalk out house errands in a better way, for instance, assistive products can be anything like mechanical hoist to lift, voice-enabled computer system, hearing aid, automated wheel chairs etc.

With technology and assistive tool disabled people can practice self-dependency as well as improvise self-functionality; that construct the capacity to run things unattended and for overall well-being. This is great to bypass impairments as well as secondary health conditions.

Our assistive products for household service include but not limited to:

  • We offer mobility aids which aids in personal activity like showering, dressing/ undress toileting etc.
  • We offer wheelchairs
  • Our specialist identifies your home space to propose the technologies that can be install
  • Doorbells and alarms
  • Programmable memory aids
  • Adapted clocks
  • Environmental control unit (ECU) and more....

To access this service, please contact us online or call us on 0404 046 919 to enquire