Finding And Keeping A Job

There are many benefits to having a job, and we want to help NDIS participants who want to work, get the job they like and keep it.  Having a job expands social networks, raises living standards and increases financial independence and self-worth. There are a lot of ways that we can help you to pursue your employment goals.

Combined Living Care offers specialist employment assistance to help people with disability, injuries or health conditions, find and retain suitable employment in the open labour market. We can also offer support to your employers.

There are two parts to Disability Employment Services:

  • Disability Management Services - we help job seekers with disability, injury or health conditions, find a job. We can also provide occasional support in the workplace.
  • Employment Support Services - We help job seekers with a permanent disability to find a job if they need regular, ongoing support in the workplace.
To access this service, please contact us online or call us on 0404 046 919 to enquire.