Improved Living Arrangements

Depending on your goals and circumstances, we can help you access temporary or permanent housing. Whether you’re self-funded or need help connecting with other funded housing programs, we can help you navigate the process so you have a suitable place to live. 

A comfortable, appropriate living arrangement is essential for a good quality of life. As an NDIS participant, the right housing can help you enjoy living independently and increase the choices and options that are available to you. Individualised housing may be more inclusive than a group home or other supported living arrangement, enabling you to be integrated into your community and access more informal support. 

In order to access funding for this capacity-building support item, you’ll need to include relevant goals in your NDIS plan. Usually, this funding is used to help you find and move into a new living arrangement, so you should include a goal of moving to a new home in your plan. 

Your plan will also need to explain why you need to change your current living arrangement. It should discuss what is lacking in your current housing situation and how a different living arrangement will improve your independence or quality of life.  

If possible, it’s also helpful to include a note from your GP about your housing needs. This can discuss how your disability affects your housing needs and what type of living arrangement would be most appropriate for you.

To access this service, please contact us online or call us on 0404 046 919 to enquire.