Improved Relationships

Improved Relationships is a budget under Capacity Building in an NDIS Plan. The aim of Improved Relationships is to provide funds for specialised assessment and supports where a person has complex or unclear behavioural needs.

Combined Living Care support people on the NDIS to improve communication, behaviours and interactions with the people around them.

Improved Relationships cover two key areas:

  1. Specialist behavioural intervention support: Specialised assessment and supports where an NDIS participant has complex or unclear behavioural needs. Behaviours of concern may include persistent behaviours that limit a person’s ability to have a good life or risk physical safety.
  2. Individual social skills development: Supports that assist people on the NDIS to develop social skills to participate in community or social activity.

The types of supports covered vary depending on individual needs but may include:

  • Specialist behaviour and intervention supports
  • Training for carers in behaviour management strategies
  • Support to develop social skills
  • Intensive behaviour intervention.
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